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        1. Welcome to my garden

          I love to garden. I also love to experiment. Throw the two together and you have my everchanging garden.

          In 2004 we purchased a little over 2 acres in the country in Southern Ontario. My garden has taken many twists and turns since then and I have made many discoveries along the way. My blog is a simple record of how our garden landspe has changed over the years. I also post our family recipes, something I n refer to easily and share among family and friends.

          I hope you enjoy a little of what is here.

          Latest from the Blog

          Restaurant Style Pad Thai


          This is not meant to be purely authentic Pad Thai but rather a repli of the Pad Thai I’ve enjoyed at many taverns in nada. It does not use tamarind since that’s not... Read More

          Neapolitan Pizza Dough


          We have homemade pizza cooked on the BBQ every Friday, along of course with a glass (or two) of wine. I’ve recently changed how we make pizza dough, making a roughly 70% hydration... Read More

          Gluten Free Banana Coconut Cookies


          This is a simple and quick healthy snack made without flour, refined sugar or eggs. If you don’t like coconut try the simpler Banana Oatmeal Cookie recipe. You n make this recipe with... Read More

          Gluten Free Banana Oatmeal Cookies


          Simple ingredients, no flour, no eggs, no sugar.? Tasted like a banana muffin in cookie form.? If you like coconut, try the Banana Coconut Cookies. You n mash the bananas with a fork... Read More